SAS Rubber Products CO., LTD is a manufacturer and an exporter of latex examintation gloves. Founded in 1988, SAS Rubber Products CO., LTD was one of the first latex manufacturers estabished in Thailand. Our founder,
Mr. Sirisak Chevanintakul was also the co-founder of Thai Rubber Glove Manufacturer Association (TRGMA). SAS is a member of TRGMA, Thai national shippers' council, the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and the Federation of Thai Industries


Our quality control extends right through the manufacturing process, from the purchase of the raw concentrated latex, through each stage of production, to the final packing of containers for dispatch by road and sea.

AQL and other parameters are monitored to levels better than those required by the most demanding international standards: in particular those of the United States of America FDA, and also the European Community CE mark.

We believe that long term business relationships are important. With our high quality product, our customers enjoy the enhanced profitability associated with repeat orders from satisfied end user.


We have exported up to 26 countries and counting!

Argentina Brazil Canada
Chile Czech Republic Denmark
Egypt France Hungary
Israel Italy Japan
Lebanon Mexico Myanmar
Netherlands New Zealand Poland
Saudi Arabia South Africa South Korea
Spain Switzerland United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United States